Founded in 2017, Japanese Culture Promotion and Management is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Japanese traditional arts and culture and those artists, both Japanese and non-Japanese, working in their respective fields. Preservation and promotion of Japanese cultural assets is crucial in today’s modern world so the next generation may appreciate and understand.


・ To promote and manage a deeper awareness of Japanese traditional culture to a broad spectrum of audiences both in Japan and overseas.


・Present educational workshops, lectures and concerts utilizing Japanese traditional music and instruments.

・Present educational workshops, lectures and exhibits of the Japanese fine arts.

・Disseminate and translating information on Japanese cultural and arts events, traditional music concerts and programs in the English language to the international community.

・Provide an English language database of artists, musicians and professionals working in the Japanese traditional arts.

・Support artists and musicians who specialize in Japan as a fundamental strategy in promoting global awareness of Japanese culture. Through the support of its donors, JCPM offers various grants and Artist in Residency programs for Japanese and non-Japanese interested in sharing their art with a larger community.